Pre-Employment Transition


Proper preparation for employment will set employees up for success. To support this transition, PRIDE Industries offers a range of transition services focused on self-determination, employment preparation, and job placement. We offer group and individual services to help people successfully enter the workplace, with a special focus on each individual’s needs and interests.


Our collaboration includes:

  • Planning & coordination: Meetings with families, caregivers, schools, worksites, WorkAbility, Regional Centers and the Department of Rehabilitation.
  • Involvement: Attendance at Individual Education Plan (IEP) or Individual Transition Plan (ITP) meetings when appropriate. 
  • Engagement: Attendance at community transition events and fairs.
  • PRIDE-sponsored Transition Advisory Board: Community/parent semiannual advisory and planning meetings.


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Services Provided

Individual Employment

  • Job development / Job placement / Coaching
  • External Situational Analysis 
  • Job Exploration 
  • Personal Vocational Social Adjustment 

Group Employment

  • Assessment
  • Personal development
  • Safety awareness
  • Job specific instruction

Community-Access Independent Living Services

  • Instruction focused on social, recreation, independent living, and advocacy and communication skills
  • Peer interaction
  • Community access

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be 18 years of age or older and eligible for Regional Center services/or Department of Rehabilitation services
  • Have medical clearance through the Department of Rehabilitation to work or participate in PRIDE
  • Have documentation of diagnosed medical, psychological or other disability

  • Meet guidelines for fee sponsorship, generally Regional Center, Department of Rehabilitation, or private pay
  • Possess I-9 documentation
  • Express interest or desire to participate in services.
  • Have transportation to and from designated service or employment location

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