PRIDE Industries operates an Employment Services Internship Program, which provides a path for people with disabilities – including veterans and at-risk youth – to get their foot in the door or start a new career.

PRIDE’s internship program offers up to 250 hours of paid work experience within PRIDE or with a community employer partner. Our internships are available for individuals with disabilities with a referral from the CA Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Through the internship, individuals get hands-on experience and gain essential skills while working in a safe, supportive environment. For people with little to no work experience, it provides a good resume builder and an opportunity to develop confidence in their abilities.


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Services Provided

  • Work with a job developer to create/revise a resume
  • Practice interview skills
  • Improve workplace etiquette and skills
  • Search for permanent employment

Eligibility Requirements

  • Internships are initiated through client referrals from the CA Department of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • PRIDE’s Employment Services division comprised of Job Developers determines if a client referral from the Department of Rehabilitation would benefit from a limited paid internship
  • Internships are for adults with disabilities, including veterans, with limited work experience or difficulty obtaining employment due to their disability
  • Internships are currently only available in Northern California and surrounding areas
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“I’m proud of my accomplishments at my job. This has taught me patience and teamwork, and I have learned skills needed for my future.”

Nellie - Former Internship Participant

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