Persistence. Determination. Discipline. These are just a few of the qualities that the team at PRIDE witnesses every day when working with individuals who want to rise above their disabilities and find meaningful employment. While PRIDE provides the services and support, the people we work with ultimately find their own success through hard work and commitment. Read some of their inspiring stories here.

Building the Foundation for a Future Career

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Celebrating Black History Month

Celebrating Black History Month February is Black History Month, and PRIDE celebrates the achievements of African Americans and their important role in disability inclusion in society, including the workplace. Here are some of their stories: Haben Girma:  “I realized after months of not getting access that if I didn’t do anything, other students with disabilities […]

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Making History in the ASL Community

“I have always wanted to help others achieve their goals. Working for PRIDE has given me this opportunity, as I teach and mentor others in the technical trades field.” Joey Villarreal is on his way to make history; after finishing his apprenticeship, he will become the first licensed plumber in the state of Texas who […]

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Employment services

Partnering to Help Veterans in Hawaii

Transition to civilian life is often a complicated and overwhelming experience; without the proper support, many veterans get disconnected from the community and services that they need to adjust. In Hawaii, many veterans face homelessness as a result of these challenges and face incredible obstacles to rejoining their communities. “When I started as a recruiter, […]

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Employment services

Building the Foundation for a Future Career

“Whenever I saw a help wanted sign, I would go into the store to fill out an application and introduce myself. While speaking to the manager, I would become incredibly nervous, start stuttering, and completely forget what I wanted to say. Months went by, and I couldn’t find anything. I just wanted a job where […]

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Veterans Salute – Christopher Suk

“I grew up in Roosevelt, NJ, a small borough with fewer than 1,000 residents. Several members of my family served in the military, including my Grandfather, who told me stories about World War II in Germany. My Uncle volunteered to serve in Vietnam, and my older brother joined the Air Force, and their stories inspired […]

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Veterans Salute: Lorena Garcia

“Successful mothers are not the ones that have never struggled; they are the ones that never gave up despite their struggles.” Lorena “Lori” Garcia carries this note written by her daughters in her work truck every day. “It’s been faded by the sun over time, but it always brightens my day.” Lori grew up in […]

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