Supporting Academic Success for College Students with Disabilities


As college and vocational programs become even more critical to establishing a career, tuition and fees continue to rise, providing financial obstacles towards obtaining a diploma. These increases can especially hit students with disabilities hard; currently only about a third of students with disabilities who enroll in a four-year college or university graduate. For those who enroll in a community college program, less than half earn a diploma.

To help students with disabilities achieve their career goals by completing higher education, PRIDE Industries is proud to offer scholarships to colleges and universities in areas where we operate, including El Camino College, a two-year public community college near our Los Angeles AFB contract in El Segundo, CA.

The following letters were written by El Camino College’s 2018 recipients of the PRIDE Industries Scholarship for Students for Disabilities:


I appreciate your scholarship. Last year I was diagnosed with cancer, and due to the expensive cost of my treatment, I had a hard time paying my tuition fees. However, I was helped by your scholarship, as well as my family and husband.

My dream is to be a CPA, and I am working towards earning a license. I also would like to work to help others. This scholarship encourages me to pursue my dream, and I won’t give up. I wish I could say thank you in person.


Thank you for awarding me the PRIDE Industries scholarship; it will help me pay for books and save money to use towards transferring to a four-year university to pursue a nursing degree. Every little bit counts and I consider this to be a big help.

This is my first time getting a scholarship. I am motivated to do better, and my stress levels have been reduced, letting me focus better in class. Thank you for lending a helpful hand in my educational journey.

We are proud to help further the academic and career goals of our scholarship recipients, congratulations on your achievements!