Staying Safe From COVID-19 While Grocery Shopping


As grocery stores are considered essential during shelter-in-place policies, they remain open to shoppers (with limited hours and people allowed). To keep yourself and others safe during this pandemic, here are some tips to follow while visiting:

Before You Go:

  • Create an inventory of what you have and which items you will need.
  • If possible, have only one person from your household go. 
  • Wash your reusable shopping bags.
  • Avoid all unnecessary or frequent trips. 

At the Store:

  • If in a waiting line, maintain the 6 ft. necessary for social distancing.
  • Stock up on 2–3 weeks of food, medication, toiletries, and household cleaners. 
  • Purchase frozen fruits and veggies (which contain the same nutrient levels as fresh).

Hygiene Habits:

  • Wash your hands and avoid touching your face.
  • Avoid person-person contact. While it might be possible to get in contact with the virus on surfaces, most cases are spread with close personal contact.
  • Wipe down the handle of your shopping cart with disinfectant wipes
  • Avoid as much contact with your phone.
  • Never cough or sneeze on your hand; use your elbow/arm and immediately wash your hands.
  • The CDC is now recommending that everyone uses a cloth face covering in public.

Other Notes:

  •  According to the FDA, there is no evidence of human or animal food or food packaging being associated with the transmission of COVID-19; therefore, there is no current need to disinfect groceries.

Watch this video for more safety tips.