Your Support Makes a Difference: Kat’s Story

Foster Youth Services

Young adults transitioning from the foster care system face daunting challenges once they hit their 18th birthday. Many lack the skills needed to start employment, gaining the experience necessary for a successful career. But there is a way to help. Donations help fund PRIDE’s Youth Services program, which provides support, mentorship, and work success items (clothing, bus passes) necessary to lead an independent adult life.

We want to introduce you to Kat, a young woman referred to PRIDE this summer, who has created a path to achieving her dreams.

“My name is Kat. As a young adult who has recently transitioned from the foster care system, I’ve had to overcome many obstacles without family support or guidance. I recently had no job and had to figure out how to sign up for school, find internet access, and pay my bills. I felt like I was stuck in a hard place with nowhere to turn. But now I am on my way to achieving my dream career as a social worker, thanks to generous donors.

I was referred to PRIDE in July 2020 and paired with Lana, a Job Developer. Lana helped me plan my job search and guided me through the interview process. She also showed me how to make a positive first impression.

Helping people is my passion, and Lana helped me find a job that suited my interests. I just finished my first month working as a home health aide, and I like my job! I enjoy cooking, cleaning, and assisting my client, and it’s a wonderful feeling to have her greet me every time I arrive. My job means a lot to me; I enjoy helping others live their best lives. The skills I am learning now will help me serve my future clients as a social worker.

I have big plans for my future. This spring, I will attend Folsom Lake College, eventually transferring to a four-year university. My dream is to start a nonprofit for foster youth, focusing on counseling and support. I also want to travel the world and become a homeowner. Thanks to generous donors, my journey has just begun!”


Your donations support internships, job coaching, work transportation, assistive technology, and so much more for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment.

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