A Life Changed

Success Stories

Congratulations, and thank you to PRIDE – Ft. Polk General Clerk Denise George, who will be retiring after a decade of service to PRIDE! Through her service, Denise has helped expand PRIDE’s mission with excellent work and customer service to our military customer. She shares her story below:


My name is Denise George, and I have been working for PRIDE Industries at Ft. Polk, LA, for over ten years.

When I first started, little did I know how this job would change my life!

Before joining PRIDE in 2009, I lost my job at a local refinery in Lake Charles after 21 years of service. Along with a couple of other life-changing events, I was truly devastated. Then I lost my youngest son during his early years of adulthood.

I was carrying a lot of grief, and I didn’t know where to turn.

Not being able to obtain work because I was “over-qualified” was so discouraging.  Eventually, the consultant I was temporarily working for told me that PRIDE Industries needed some help.

After a couple of months of working there, I was hired full-time. I tried driving the 60-mile commute each way every day, but soon decided I needed to move there, and I am so glad that I did!

The wonderful employees at PRIDE Industries became my co-workers and dear friends. They even helped me find a place to live. Working with them has also helped me to heal a broken heart by experiencing their kindness and thoughtfulness. We have a great team at Ft. Polk!

Over the years, I have seen so many people with disabilities excel from the support and training provided and then witnessed them grow and become successful employees. It’s been so rewarding to witness these positive changes.

As I begin my retirement, I will always remember the people that I met at PRIDE Industries and what a great company this is.

I am truly blessed to have been an employee here and will keep PRIDE’s mission and employees in my prayers.

Thank You and God Bless You!